VERITAS Research Institute and Archives

The research team’s main topics of research shall be:

  1. the Red Army’s 1944 military campaign in Hungary, and its public perception up to 1994
  2. the implementation, expansion and apex of the “Moscow” type of political arrangement
  3. the history of the resistance against Stalinism
  4. After an individual review of the records of the Budapest People’s Prosecution Office and the Budapest People’s Tribunal (and the later merged jurisdictions of Balassagyarmat, Eger, Esztergom, Kecskemét, Székesfehérvár and Szolnok), which are today stored at the Budapest City Archives, the disclosure of the circumstances surrounding those who had been accused and subsequently found guilty at trail of violating the 1945-codied Statute VII, which dealt with war crimes and anti-populist activity
  5. the extrajudicial Kadar reprisals
  6. political judgments after 1963
  7. in-depth interviews with the leading politicians and members of the József Antall and Péter Boross Administrations, as well as researching the associated archives and disclosing relevant documents.

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