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Per "The New York Times has provided an all-encompassing look at the Orbán regime, which is in itself interesting, for it reveals how one of the most influential and prestigious newspapers in the world views Hungary".

In his article How Viktor Orban Bends Hungarian Society to His Will, Patrick Kingsley refers to the VERITAS Institute and Director Sándor Szakály. A few weeks before publication of his article, Mr. Kingsley emailed Dr. Szakály a number of questions, to which Dr. Szakály provided detailed answers in English. In his article, however, Mr. Kingsley ignored Dr. Szakály’s feedback, and instead rendered a portrayal that distorted reality. In the interests of accuracy, the reader may find the questions and Dr. Szakály’s answers in the PDF linked here.

Comment: The following can be read from Sándor Szakály’s MTI interview conducted on January 17th, 2014: “ contrast to the general image of Hungary in WWII, it should also be noted that truly significant suffering by Hungarian Jewry occurred upon the occupation of Hungary by German troops on March 19th, 1944, from which point the sovereignty of the country was severely limited. He suggested that several historians had come to the conclusion that the first deportation from Hungary during WWII had taken place in Kaminits-Podilskiy in 1941, but that in his opinion this action could be instead referred to as an immigration procedure, for those without Hungarian citizenship were sent there. He also emphasized that when it became known that many of the deportees had been killed, Hungarian Minister of the Interior Ferenc Keresztes-Fischer allowed repatriation to Hungary on their behalf.”